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Superior comfort, stellar fabric quality and material durability are the hallmark of our towels and bedsheets.

About Us

It is a commonly observed trend that innocent customers are duped and sold inferior quality and cheap knock-offs in the name of other high quality products, which are not only great loss of capital, but also prove to be a number of problems with skin irritation and minimal to zero comfort. Seeking to eradicate the practice and offer cost effective and superior quality solutions to consumers, Royal Cloth Mills offers a highly acclaimed range of the best quality fabrics and daily use wares such as towels whose stellar material quality and outstanding comfort are their standout features.

Our company was established in 1997, and since then, we have come a long way and have solidified our position as a noted Manufacturer and Supplier of products such as Bath Towels, Cotton Satin Bed Sheet, Cotton Printed Bed Sheet, Cotton Satin Duvet Cover, Modal Woven Fabrics and Duvet Covers to name a few.

Our Products

We offer a highly acclaimed range of the best quality fabric based domestic utility items such as bedsheets and towels, all of whom are known for their stellar comfort and material durability. following is a list of broad categories to which our products belong : 

  • Towels
  • Fabrics
  • Bedsheets
  • Cotton Satin Duvet Cover

Salient Features of Our Bedsheets

We employ only the best quality fabrics, which apart from their material attributes, also boast a visually appealing design that will add to the ambiance of your living space. Listed below are a few noteworthy characteristics of the bedsheets we offer :

  • Particularly soft sateen with a lush feel and slightly heavy for more comfort
  • Lustrous and smooth finish, making it soft and cozy
  • Able to withstand multiple wash with relative ease
  • Highly durable and retains its crisp look even after washing and drying
  • Stellar thread count number of 300, making it one of the finest that the market has to offer
  • Made from long cotton fibers, which are very strong and long lasting
  • Highly resistant to wrinkles
  • Excellent design and patters, making them visually striking
  • Durable and tightly knitted stitching at ends
  • Optimum breathability, preventing excessive sweating

Why Royal Cloth Mills' Towels Are Best ?

It is a known fact that towels of different types make use of different materials but the gist should be on application of better quality fabrics, which is exactly what Royal Cloth Mills seeks to achieve and has been doing the same since its inception. Our towels are highly absorbent owing to their maximized surface area and looped structure on both sides, making them an ideal choice for drying water and sweat off the bodies and face. Moreover, they bolster the evaporation rate significantly without leaving any fibrous or lint residues and also resist bacterial growth, effectively keeping a number of skin ailments at bay.